Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers

So… here I am doing myself out of a job!

But these are super simple, and so I’ll let you into my world, just incase you happen to be needing cupcakes for a baby shower sometime soon!

To get yourself organised, you will need:


Gel Colours

Round Cutters



1.  Add colour to your fondant.  I used about 200g of fondant for this part, and about double of the colour shown.  I used peach, but you could also use pink or brown.  They will come up similarly if used sparsely!  Apply with a toothpick, you really only need a little!

2. Knead the fondant until the colour is all mixed in.  Using cornflour, dust your working surface (don’t be shy with this), and a little on the top.  This is so, when you roll it out, it doesn’t stick!  Roll it out until it’s about 0.5cm thick.  To ensure the fondant doesn’t stick, turn the fondant on the board a quarter turn after each roll or 2.

3.  These next parts are easy, so I will not explain too much!  Cut out round shapes ( I use Wilton Cut Outs, because they come in a pack of 3, and I use the smaller one soon), then shape a little nose.  Attach to the face with just a dab of water… very little.  If it squirts out from between the nose and face, it makes the fondant sticky.  Then take some of the left over skin colour, add a little more colour, and shape the ‘cheeks’.  Use plenty of cornflour to stop the little circles sticking to your fingers.  Attach, again with water.  If you have fingerprints on them, a gentle rub over the area will get rid of them (with dry hands!!).

4.  The dummy/pacifier.  These are easy!  I again use the left over fondant, and add pink to it.  And again, Wilton Round Cut Outs and cut  out how ever many circles I need to make.  Then make a thin sausage shape, bend it as shown, and rub the underside with a tiny bit of water.  Attach to the small circle, and there you have it!

5.   The hair is the part I got frustrated with.  But remember, when they’re all together, you don’t see any slight defects!  I’m not sure I can explain this part…  I took a ball of brown coloured fondant, squished one side down, and curled the other side around.  Give it a go, it’s not so bad, but it takes a bit longer to get the hang of.

6.  And the final touch: eyes!  I used black coloured fondant, but you could use an icing marker if you have one.  To make the eyes stick on, I used the blunt end of my skewer (toothpick) to make 2 dents in all the faces.  Then used the same skewer to dip into water and back into the dent to moisten it.  Black dots go in, and stick no problem.

Of course, you can change the colour of the dummy/pacifier to suit the sex of the child (if known), and tweak it as you see fit.  The people who have bought these thought they looked great, especially when you see them all together.


Wilton Round Cut Outs and Wilton and Chefmaster Gel Colours are available on the Torte website and Trade Me


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