Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake


Ok, you have to try this!  I’ve actually never made cheesecake before… well, that’s not true.  I’ve made hundreds of cheesecakes, but none at home, with a recipe I want to use!

I did a search of a few recipes, then adapted it t0 make it a bit easier, like using 250g of cream cheese (1 pack, instead of 1 and a bit packs!)  This is truely delicious… the 20cm cheesecake served 6 adults, plus a few too many pieces left over that I indulged in at inappropriate times (breakfast!).  The white chocolate taste is subtle, and the tangy raspberries go so well with the creaminess of the rest of the filling!

What you need:


1 1/2 packs oreo biscuits

70g melted butter


250g cream cheese

220g sour cream

150g sweetened condensed milk

3 tsp gelatine

130ml hot water

220g white chocolate

fresh or frozen raspberries

1.  Crush biscuits, then mix with the melted butter.  Press into a 20cm pan (I used a springform pan which was perfect!) and put it in the fridge until cool.  You could use whatever biscuits you have, but may need to adjust the butter.

2.  Beat the cream cheese well (a couple of mins), then add the sour cream and condensed milk.  Beat well.

3.  Melt the white chocolate on the stove over a low heat, or in the microwave in short bursts.  Beat into the cream cheese mixture.

4.  Add the gelatine into the hot water and stir, making sure it dissolves (as much as possible anyway), then add to the cream cheese mixture.

5.  Spread fresh or frozen raspberries over the oreo base, then pour the filling mixture over the raspberries and base.  Chill for a few hours until set.

Decorate as you see fit.  I chucked a few raspberries on the top… and if I had thought about it some shaved white chocolate would have been brilliant too!




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