Elmo and Cookie Monster Cookies

Something I haven’t done a lot is cookie decorating, but with the number of amazing cookie makers out there I was inspired to give it a bit more of a go.

I’m not 100% happy with my effort, but I know what I’d like to work on next time!  My biggest fault is I don’t like to wait, so I end up rushing to get things done.

The great thing about these Sesame Street cutters is the embosser!  If you’re not confident with royal icing (which is delicious!), you can cut the cookies out without embossing, then cut and emboss red and blue fondant to stick onto the cookies.  Use small round cutters to cut out the white eyes, and larger round pieces cut in half for the mouth, or paint the details on!


Elmo and Cookie Monster Cookies

For the cookies:
225g butter
1 c sugar
1 egg
3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder

Cream butter and sugar

Add egg and vanilla, mix to combine

Add in flour and baking powder, mix until combined.

Depending on the temperature of your butter, you may need to knead it together with your hands if it’s a bit crumbly.  Mine was perfect with room temperature butter.

Roll out to approx 0.5cm thick and cut out shapes

Bake at 170C until baked, approx 10mins


The great thing about sugar cookie recipes is that you have many options with what to do with it:
Make in advance then chill until needed
Freeze the dough to use later (I made approx 16 cookies and froze 3/4 of the dough)
Freeze the baked cookies to decorate on a rainy day
Freeze the decorated cookies so you don’t eat them all at once!

Royal Icing
3 Tbsp meringue powder
450g icing sugar
8+ Tbsp warm water

Mix all together for approx 5mins, you are looking for stiff peaks!

This mix is perfect for splitting into portions for colouring and outling your cookies.  After you have outlined, you will want to add more water to get it to a looser consitancy to fill the inside.  When filling, you want the icing to settle flat and look even and smooth.  This may take a bit of trial and error!

You will need to use a #1 or #2 tip for piping.  I made some of them with black outlines then filled, and some I outlined with the same colour as I would fill with


Here are a few tips:

Keep your royal icing covered, it will crust quickly!
Adjust the constancy of your icing using more water to thin or icing sugar to thicken.
Add the water after colouring, as your food colour will thin the icing slightly.
Keep the tip up off your cookie as you pipe outlines, you want the icing to drop nicely onto your cookie.  When filling your cookie, you can have the tip on the cookie, as your icing should spread to fill the gaps.

Items Used:
Sesame Street Plunger Cutters
Wilton Meringue Powder
Disposable piping bags
Wilton #1 Tip
Wilton #2 Tip
Americolor gels – Super Red, Royal Blue, Black, Orange


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