Using FMM Tappits

Quite often I am asked for help when people buy tappits.  Tappits are alphabet and letter cutters that come most commonly in Funky, Block and Script versions.  They’re really great for adding stylised lettering, especially if you’re not confident enough to write freehand with a piping bag.

This is the usual way to use tappits:

ImageTo explain a bit more in detail:

Roll out your fondant or gumpaste thinly.  You should almost be able to see through it.  You can use just fondant, I generally roll out and leave to dry out for a few minutes.  If it’s too soft or warm it will break when you try to remove it.

Cut a piece or strip that is tall enough for your letters

Press the tappit down into your fondant, and move around gently until it cuts all the way through.

Lift the tappit, and tap down on the bench firmly to remove the piece.

If you have problems with sticking:

Dust the tappit with a little cornflour to make sure the fondant can release freely

Leave your fondant to dry out for a bit longer – this is especially true it you have just coloured it using quite a lot of gel.


A week or so back I saw a post which reminded me about something I saw last year.  It was a different way to use tappits, so I thought I’d give it a go and see how easy it was.  (I can’t find exactly what I saw, but people have been talking about it for years it seems).

ImageStart out the same: roll out your fondant thinly

Place your piece of plastic wrap ontop of your fondant, then your tappit on top

Roll your rolling pin over the top to cut out the letter.


As with all cake decorating, use the technique that works for you.  I will still use the more common method as I find it a lot easier (you already have to roll out your fondant thinly), but if you’re having trouble, the plastic wrap version may be worth a go until you get the hang of the usual way.


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