Easy Buttercream: 4B Tip

There are some truly beautiful buttercream decorated cakes out there (one on my instagram makes me wow every time!), so I wanted to show you how to make some simple yet effective designs using tips you may have laying around.

The Wilton 4B tip is a great piping tip for french swirls on cupcakes, but next time you’re taking a ‘simple’ cake somewhere to share with friends or family, whip it out and wow them with this!  It only takes a few minutes but looks fancy.

Firstly, cover your cake in buttercream.  Decorate the sides if you see fit, or smooth them to a perfect finish.


With your tip in a piping bag, pipe a dot onto your cake.  Continue to squeeze to allow the icing to build up into a nice round dome, then drag your tip forward and down while releasing the pressure.


Continue all the way around.  Once you have done your first row, start over with your dollops starting on the tails (to hide any messy buttercream tails!)

At this point I added more gel colour to make my cake ombre, then continued on my rows.


I did two more rows, added more gel colour again, then one more row the a dot in the middle to finish it off.

Even if you’re just making cake for home or visiting friends, it only takes a few minutes to pretty it up.. and I think pretty cakes tastes even better!



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