Chocolate Transfer Sheets and Chocolate Curls

Over the weekend I had to come up with a cake which would be quick to decorate, and it took a while before I remembered I have some chocolate transfer sheets I could use, which is handy because my Father-in-law is a big chocolate fan.  I made the cake chocolate with mint buttercream, which worked well with the green transfer sheet.

These transfer sheets are really quick and easy to use.  Check out my steps below.


1.  Measure and cut

I wanted to wrap the cake in one go, so I measured strips from my transfer sheet high enough to come just over the edge of the cake (for my cake, it was about 9.5cm), and then taped the strips together (on the plastic side) to make one long piece that was long enough to go all the way around the cake in one go.  Place on a covered, flat surface with the pattern up.  Excuse my mess of a crumb coat back there… I tried a new recipe which was lovely and moist, but a bit crumbly!  I didn’t try very hard knowing it would be all covered up.


2.  Cover with chocolate

Pour a bit of melted chocolate along the length of your transfer sheet and spread evenly with a spatula.  You don’t need a great deal as you don’t need a thick coating, but you do want it all covered.



3. Wrap

Before the chocolate sets, lift and wrap snuggly around your cake.  Trim off any extra length.  Allow the chocolate to set fully before carefully removing the plastic – you may need to put it in the fridge for a few minutes if your kitchen is too warm.


Chocolate Curls or Shavings

1.  Spread melted chocolate over a flat surface.

I used a chopping board.  If you have a stainless steel bench, don’t be frightenend to give it a clean and do it straight on that!  In a bakery I worked in we used to have a big bench spread with chocolate and make the curls in bulk to use as needed.  Use either a spatula or scraper to spread thinly.


2.  Scrape!

Allow your chocolate to set so it’s no longer wet to touch, but not yet hard.  Using a scraper, scrape along the edges.  Going in a straight line will give you wavy, random shapes;  going more in a circular motion will give you rolled up curls.  Have a play and see how you go!   I made both, but was a little bit short to get the coverage I needed, so I ended up braking up my curls a bit so the green peppermint icing was completely covered.


Don’t forget, Wilton Candy Melts behave like chocolate too, so you can get creative and use these methods even if you’re going for something brighter!

For this cake (18cm), I used 1 transfer sheet (I used the ‘Andros‘ pattern) and had plenty left over!  The picture on the website shows Andros on a white chocolate background – I used dark chocolate.


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