Tractor Cake Topper Tutorial

In this world where cakes so many cakes are 3D carved and gravity defying, I really do live simple 2D toppers and decorations.  It’s always been more my ‘thing’.

You can make any decoration using this technique below, but this shows how I made a 2D tractor topper from a clip art picture.  The picture I used is here.

Tractor Cake Topper

After cutting out the tractor, I laid it on a piece of green gumpaste and cut out the body of the tactor…

photo 3

… Like so.

photo 4

I matched up the wheel sizes with some round cutters I had and cut them out of black gumpaste

photo 5

Then made the tread using the edge of a star cutter.

photo 6

I used the next size up of the circle cutters to cut out spaces for the wheels, then small square cutters to cut out the windows as it was too hard to get a knife into such a small space.

photo 7

I then stuck all the pieces onto a piece of white gumpaste and cut around the outside leaving a small border.  I prepared it ahead and left to dry.

photo 8

You can use this stencil method to make any cake topper you like!


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