Making Stencils for Cake Decorating

Or, how to make a edible decoration when you don’t have a cutter!

Yesterday I had to finish off a Frozen cake, and I was a bit stuck because I was out of snowflake cutters!  I had a couple of ideas which didn’t pan out, and tried hand painting or piping but wasn’t happy with the look.  Googling ‘Making fondant snowflakes with no cutters’ didn’t help much, so I did a bit of DIY which actually worked out pretty well.

Check out my method:

Cutter out a shape when you don't have fondant cuttersFirst, find the shape you want to use on google or hand draw if you’re good at that sort of thing!  Cut out the shape from thick card to make the stencil.  Using printer paper doesn’t work well as it doesn’t hold it’s shape well after getting greasy.  Simple designs are better, if you’re shape has too much detail you won’t get as clean a result!


Using either chocolate melts or royal icing, evenly cover the top of your design.  Make sure you do this on waxed baking paper for easy release!


Lift your stencil straight up to reveal your design.  Repeat until you have the desired amount!  If you’re doing a lot, you may need to cut out a couple of stencils… using card makes it hardier, but it will still get soft over time.  If you are making a lot and want to keep your stencil, use plastic (though it’s harder to cut out).

st4Apologies for the poor photo, and it’s clearly not finished, but you can see the snowflakes anyway!


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