White Chocolate Christmas Layer Fudge

Christmas Layer Fudge

If you’re on Facebook, you will have seen the picture I put up of rainbow fudge which looked amazing!  I was going to make both rainbow fudge and Christmas fudge but I didn’t have enough chocolate (and I don’t need that much fudge anyway!).  Here is the Christmas version I came up with, and if you’re desperate to make the rainbow version before I get around to it, just use the same method and make it rainbow coloured instead.

Ingredients per layer (you are making 4 layers):

150g White chocolate – total 600g  (Use chocolate you like to eat!)

100g condensed milk – total 400g

Plus: food colouring (I used Americolor) and white chocolate or melts for decorating.  Optional: flavourings if you want a flavour other than white chocolate.  Lorann flavourings are excellent for this and with flavours from peppermint to bubble gum, you’re limited by your imagination!

Line a pan approx 15cm x 20cm or equivalent with foil or plastic wrap.  I made a half mix and just used a round pan which means waste, but it’s all going in my mouth anyway!

fudge1Melt together 150g of white chocolate with 100g condensed milk in the microwave – it takes about a minute.  Stir well until smooth.

Colour with a drop of your green food colouring, mix well and pour into your lined pan.  Smooth down as well as you can by bashing the pan on the bench or with your hands.  I like my fudge firmer with less condensed milk which means I had to press it down.

Place your pan in the fridge for 10mins to firm before repeating the process again – first with red, then green, then finally red again.

Leave to set for at least an hour, then remove from the pan and cut into small pieces.  I cut the messier outsides off so each piece looked tidy.

Melt some white chocolate or melts, and using a small piping tip or a parchment cone, pipe Christmas trees on top.

Christmas Layer Fudge


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